8 ways to tell if you’re judgemental

HA! Joke’s on you! There is no list, you know why? It would be judgemental to judge you. What is with all these lists to tell you if you’re a good spouse, an idiot, good in bed, living a good life, what the hell makes these lists superior to anything or anyone? Who are these people writing these lists? People just like us, judging others because they don’t think exactly like them. You mostly just think someone is smart because you agree with what they’re saying. It’s all very simplistic and I’m not writing this blog to judge those that make those (stupid) lists, I’m writing this blog to rant and maybe save someone from reading another one of those (stupid) lists and start questioning things instead of just going with the flow. Except cake. Never question cake. 

I’m not gonna lie (often in my life) but I will admit that I can be a sucker for these lists until today I read it and realized I’m being judged from a complete stranger who now apparently thinks I’m a nazi…. Girl, I’ve never met you, you don’t know my story! I think what made people connect so much with Breaking Bad is because “bad” is all grey. There is no black and white and we’ve all been in the grey area. It’s completely hypocritical and self righteous to look down on someone when we all damn well know we don’t know what we’re talking about or even understand the situation.

Of course, people need to take responsibility and there are some disgusting terrible acts no one will ever understand or want to understand, but those are the severe cases. I’m talking about how these lists (or just people in general) tell you how to live your life, what you’re doing wrong, what’s to avoid, what to do, who to be – I get it! Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t need some random blogger telling me what I need to do with my life and what I’ve done wrong with it so far (unless they own a condo on the beach. That’s some badass shit right there). 

I get the irony that I’m a blogger writing this, but I’m a pretty cool person so don’t worry, you’re in good hands… The next time you see a list, give it neck-attude, wave your finger and say, “oh hell no! You don’t know me, list!” Instead of coming out with opinions and judgements on people’s words and actions, we all just shout out, “I DON’T KNOW SHIT!” It’s very empowering! You don’t need to have all the answers. Try being the one with all the questions. Be a kid again and annoy people with all your questions, spin in circles until you get dizzy, laugh at random things and scream-cry when you drop your ice cream. I bet if we replaced judgement with love things would improve a little. 

This message of empowerment is brought to you by a know-it-all blogger. 

The plan continues!!

ZOMG! I couldn’t sleep so I decided to go on google and check out how to get an acting VISA for L.A and I found this amazing blog! 

http://www.starsintheeyesblog.com/     I recommend it! Very inspiring and informational. So my goal of getting my script and documentary done for March all ties into getting my 01-VISA! My plan has always been to do the work I need to do to get my script where it need to be. 

Once that happens, I will submit it to contests. From the money I make from the contest prizes (yes, it will win awards. It has to if I want a deal) I will put towards my VISA. I have to prove that I’m established in Canada and have done good work – the awards will help but also I’m continuing with producing a web series I was working on that got postponed. I’m also going to take an acting class that my agent told me looks great on my resume to get the practice I need.

Got up at 6:30 am and made a plan of action already. After reading all the work that actress/blogger did, it made me realized that I need to do this every day. Get up early and get shit done. Now, I’m off to McDonalds for breakfast and then back to the computer to write. Good Day.