When I was 15, I worked with my dad editing family biography videos and always had a love for storytelling. I left the editors room to director’s chair when I worked with Rize Studios to direct one of their shorts as well as co-direct promotional videos. Since then, I’ve directed three more short films and several episodes of the comedy web series, “Bob and Han”.


A new comedy web series about two stoner roommates who are in a pickle when their pizza deliver guy passes out in their apartment. Co-created with Gopher It Production and Hooracha! Starring myself and Trevor Remai.

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Check out our Facebook page and watch episodes. Enjoy!
Bob and Han web series

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.59.58 AM

water cooler poster

Whatever happens at the water cooler, stays at the water cooler. A comedy web series about a bunch of odd ball office workers and the insane gossip they surround themselves with.

Produced by Rize Studios

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