Can’t We All Just… Not Care?



It’s been a while since my last post and there have been many times I wanted to write something but then I realized… I don’t really care. Who does, really? No one is sitting around going, “ooh I would love to know Angela’s thoughts on ____”. The whole point in writing is for someone to read and in hopes they connect to it in some way. Sure, I have thoughts on things, but that’s all they are… thoughts. I’m not an expert, I’m not an influential voice, I’m an artist with a computer that has a blog like everyone else and their cats so… who cares? That’s what I want to encourage. Not something positive, my bad. However, I think if we all cared less, the world would be a better place (to some degree).



That’s right, I forgot you’re the most brilliant parent/therapist of all time and know how to raise children better than everyone – no wait, you’re just another dumb fuck that thinks they know everything. If you are paying more attention to how other people are raising their kids than you are spending time with yours… there’s a problem. Mind your own business. Unless you notice some abuse (like actual, real, abuse [feeding kids candy isn’t abuse]) then mind the fuck off. Some of the worst parents ever somehow end up with great kids who turn into great adults and yet some great parents end up with little fuckers that turn into Ted Cruz. It’s a crapshoot.


Why is this even a thing? Is it because it’s new(ish)? No one gets it? It surprises me to hear how often people ask super rude and personal questions to strangers because they’re… curious? Really? If someone wants to change their gender or requests certain pronouns be used just… let them be whoever they want to be. We didn’t make this big of a stink when a man married a goat so why is this a big deal? Let people be whoever they want, they’re not hurting anyone (or any animals… seriously wtf?!)  Transgender has been around for a while. I even remember a couple Oprah episodes educating people on it. Now all the sudden it’s a hot button subject? I wonder if people would be more open about it or feel more open to come out if conversations went like this,

“I’m transgendered”



What year is it again? Why is sexism still hanging out with us? I get it, I see shitty things happen to women all the time, I’ve experienced it too but you know why I don’t care? Because shitty things happen to EVERYONE and the more you isolate women from only having conversations about being women, you kinda make the problem much worse. How can we be seen as equals when we keep reminding people we’re not. Listen, I learned a lot about how inequality is still around and there is more work for us to do but if I have to hear another dumb reporter asking Amy Schumer about being a woman in comedy instead of just being a comedian I’m going to… ok honestly I’m not going to do anything but roll my eyes… maybe. It’s super annoying though! Enough! No one fucking cares to hear it anymore, we ARE equals so let’s make it so.


The one thing people should care about we don’t. Not in a serious way. We care to hear the crazy train of politics the U.S is producing but the scary thing is, it’s being fed to the public as entertainment, not serious politics. Politics. You know, the thing that holds policies and laws n shit that control your everyday life. Yes… that. Even the focus topics of debate have very little to do with things that actually matter to the public. They talk more about getting rid of abortions than they talk about how to solve the problem of having LED IN THE FUCKING WATER. Shit! THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE FUCKING WATER IN SOME STATES!!! But yeah, let’s totally get rid of Planned Parenthood, number one concern! The big craze now are Politicians who “speak their minds”. This is an example of “care placement”. People care about the wrong thing. We care more about politicians speaking their minds than what they’re actually saying. Who cares if what they say is ignorant, untrue and completely bat-shit crazy as long as it’s from the heart, right? Someone misunderstood the memo. There are so many outlets for entertainment… let the professionals take care of that. If we cared less about Donald Trump… there would be no Donald Trump.


I’m tired of pretending I care. If you have nothing interesting to say, I’m not going to listen, and instead, think about lunch. If you have nothing nice to say, I’m going to wish I was in a coma. You think because you did a bunch of research online about vaccines you know more than anyone that spent ten years in med school? Good for you, but I don’t care. However, I feel you. You want to express your thoughts and concerns? Cool, I dig that but don’t mind me if I just don’t want to spend my time and energy listening. Why would you care if I don’t? It took a lot for me to say those three words to someone and I have to say… it felt fucking awesome. I highly recommend not caring. It could save you or someone you love a lot of headaches.




I'm an actress/screenwriter and I co-own a production company, Gopher It Productions with partners, Thomas Scott and Amit Khosla in Toronto, Canada. The site has links to my work as well as blogs that will hopefully leave you feeling inspired, informed and give you a few chuckles here and there. Work hard, don't take things personally or seriously... The whole world isn't about you, so have fun.

One thought on “Can’t We All Just… Not Care?

  1. Why did I read this? I don’t care either!
    Well you know I do. I know you do. But my wife and I discovered something years ago that has helped us care without hurting ourselves. “You can’t live other people’s lives for them.”
    Amongst the many things we’ve done, we both taught martial arts to all ages for several years, full disclosure we had three schools at one time, (don’t ever do that).
    In teaching discipline and other life skills to kids, watching our students interact, and seeing how individuals processed (and didn’t process) etc., we easily learned about families in ways many of them didn’t really want us to see. We would bring parents in to the office now and then to discuss their children, and dance around the obvious parenting issues, etc. This seldom got us anywhere and their child remained problematic to themselves and fellow students.
    Then one day it occurred to us to simply speak directly to the parents about the problems we saw, and what we believed they could do to improve their lives. We found generally two reactions; either the parents got very offended and dis-enrolled their “problem child,” or they came back a week or two later thanking us profusely for making such a positive change in their lives. Either way the problems were solved for the school’s sake.
    As for the disgusted offended folks? It was just one more time life slapped them across the face and one more opportunity for them to see the trend that will continue to plague them until they take the actions they needed to take. To work around them and enable them to continue didn’t help anyone. So by not caring, we cared all the more.
    Anyway, who cares?

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