working stuff out



Just when you think you have it all figured out, you get stupid drunk and waste an entire day puking  your guts out. I’m talking metaphorically of course… ahem… So I had some major steps forward and some major set backs.. well, not major, just… set backs. Not to worry! I plan on getting back on the horse that will not go mental and throw me off. 

My dad sent me an email about a piece of advice Seinfeld gave to an upcoming comedian. He told him to get a one page calendar of the whole year, write jokes every day and put an ‘x’ in every day box. Your only job is to not break the chain. It’s simple and brilliant. Much like Seinfeld. My only job is to not break my chain. I need to keep moving forward and be strong enough to avoid interruptions and distractions. If I don’t value my time, who will? 



I'm an actress/screenwriter and I co-own a production company, Gopher It Productions with partners, Thomas Scott and Amit Khosla in Toronto, Canada. The site has links to my work as well as blogs that will hopefully leave you feeling inspired, informed and give you a few chuckles here and there. Work hard, don't take things personally or seriously... The whole world isn't about you, so have fun.