And then my ancestor was like, “whaaaa???”

What do you think our ancestor’s would think of us? My grandfather was in Mussolini’s army (in Italy, in case you didn’t know. But seriously, you should know that…) before the second world war and left for a better life in Canada to raise his family. If my grandfather knew all his hard work would grant me such a free privilege life, he would do it again. There is the other side of the coin. If my grandfather saw the future and saw me and my generation today would he say, “I did good” or would he say, “yeah, slaving away everyday was totally not worth it”. 

I will have grandchildren and my grandchildren will have grandchildren but what do you do for future privilege kids when you’re already privilege? Our grandparents worked so hard for us to have it easy. It is a harsh world out there but we’re filled with a million options to make a living without breaking a sweat (or back). I feel like it’s my generation’s responsibility to remind our children what the world was like before technology took over our lives. I remember a time when no one had cell phones, home videos were only watched at home and stalking someone was an offense. We remembered a time where we would have real conversations, be less strapped for time and actually used the term “make-believe”. It is our responsibility to remember being a kid and to pass down that knowledge to our kids. As easy as things are now, our lives are more complicated. There’s no such thing as ‘knowing your role’ and life isn’t put into a plan for you like it was for our grandparents. Households now NEED two incomes and you pay more for less on pretty much anything. Remember when airplane rides were spacious and served food? No? That’s how long ago it’s been. 

My generation has already given something to future generation – social media. Your welcome.(?) In my experience as an actor, it has never been easier. Actors had to spend $500 for headshots and then spend more money to MAIL them out. Everything is through email now and it’s so easy to connect with people and tell them what you’re up to. You didn’t have access to editing software, you had to get the DVD from the person you did the project for and then hire an editor to put all your work together for a demo reel that cost you another $500. So yes, our lives are incredibly easier thanks to the hard working people that made this world for us. I can’t imagine how easier things will be in the future. We will have our phones scratch our asses for us probably or how about toilets that don’t clog? Seriously, how has that not been invented yet? 

Anyway, I’m curious… Do you think your ancestors would be proud of how their hard work has paid off, or do you think they would be disappointed to what we did with the world they left behind? 

I think they would be jealous. 


I'm an actress/screenwriter and I co-own a production company, Gopher It Productions with partners, Thomas Scott and Amit Khosla in Toronto, Canada. The site has links to my work as well as blogs that will hopefully leave you feeling inspired, informed and give you a few chuckles here and there. Work hard, don't take things personally or seriously... The whole world isn't about you, so have fun.

One thought on “And then my ancestor was like, “whaaaa???”

  1. My ancestors would either be happy the races get along or think I sold out. They’d be curious as to my culture’s obsession with chains despite fighting for centuries to not wear them. I think they’d be proud Barack exists but maybe not some of the things he didn’t do. It’d be confusing for them. In some ways they’d be happy. But in some ways I think they’d be disappointed in what people decided to do with their freedom

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