I fell off the bandwagon

My bad, it’s been three days since I’ve written. I’ve been working late the past couple days and I’m not gonna lie, I went out for drinks last night. I also watched the documentary about Woody Allen when I got back from work the night before. So… there’s no reason. Funny story, I wrote this blog in the morning, went to edit it, got distracted and totally forgot about it…. till now. I went to visit my folks and just got back. The end. 

I started a new writing class about writing edgy writing and this time I will really put in the effort and do an assignment everyday like I’m supposed to. I have a lot to take care of and it’s the holiday season! Can you believe next week starts December?! That’s crazy! Time flies… which is something very important to remember because knowing that make me want to keep going and do more. Even writing one page, that adds up through time. Before I know it, that one page a day will turn into a polish script. 

Go team


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