Howdy, I’m Angie.

I’m an award-winning and produced screenwriter in Toronto, that specializes in comedy and sub genres. I’ve been a writer/performer for 15 years, starting with my training at Humber College’s comedy program and continued performing improv at Bad Dog Theatre as well as stand-up all over North America. I’ve worked as a hired writer and sometimes producer for a variety of projects in shorts, features, sketch, ghostwriting and television. One of my written assignments, a horror/comedy, “In It’s Wake” is prepping for world-wide distribution and I’m currently developing a comedy series with award-winning actress, Chantria Tram.

Feel free to roam around and check out my IMDB page

Hope you’re all safe and well


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello my name is Michael Cavallin from Australia. This may seem random and a little stalky but I’m curious if you are a descendant of the Cavallin family that comes from cusignana, Treviso? I only ask because when my nonno was looking to be sponsored for immigration after the Second World War he wrote a letter to his uncle in Canada to see if he would take him on board. The uncle accepted but by the time my nonno got the letter he was already on a boat to Australia. It would be pretty awesome if I’ve stumbled across a long lost relative! If not, I’m sorry for wasting your time. Cheers Mick

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